Steinberg Cubase Controller

Steinberg Cubase Controller

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Thu Jul 20, 9: If you really want a controller for Cubase, I would recommend to go for this. For me personally, the biggest issue is, the fader is too loud.
steinberg cubase controller

Steinberg Cubase Controller

CC121 – Advanced Integration Controller

Thu Jul 20, 9: If you really want a controller for Cubase, I would recommend to go for this. For me personally, the biggest issue is, the fader is too loud. The faders are not motorized, so it’s unusable for real mixing. And the faders are to short for real mixing.

If you don’t want to mix 8 channels at once, it doesn’t make sense. Quality of MCUs went down, when they started to make it in China. I’m not sure, now, if MCU can follow selected tracks. But can switch the Bank when you select any track out of the current Bank? Low quality. The buttons are very noisy. I saw it few days ago, and I was surprised positively. The faders are surpassingly quiet. But rubber buttons feels really cheap. Very short faders, which are very very noisy.

They are motorized, but not touch-sensitive, so you cannot rewrite correct your already written Volume automation. Display is missing, and buttons description is missing. Actually, I turn the motorized faders off probably half of the time. It really depends on the scenario, but there are times it can be distracting and simply not necessary. MIxing multiple channels at once is just one of many advantages. I think you have to decide if you want a full controller where you can view 8 at a time then bank switch or just 1 channel.

I’m told MCU protocol does not allow bank switch when you select a track in Cubase. Did it ever work? When you focus a track in Cubase, the MCU will focus the correct channel, but you are going to have to manually press bank switch to get to that focused track. Hope that makes sense. In the past Icon had problems with jittering or vibrating faders that caused a lot of noise, but I think that has been resolved. I like the rubber buttons, but I think there should be a felt click to verify execution was successful.

A lot of users rant about the Behringer X Touch. It looks to have a good bang for the buck, but is much smaller, a cheaper feel, and lacks things such as adjustable scribble strip. J-S-Q wrote: Again, isn’t the horrible scribble strip MCU protocol?

Anyway, yes I think anything over 6 characters is going to get crowded. But once you have done that, everything is set for the future. But for more in-depth editing I use the controller. This is from the perspective of a QconPro user. Last edited by greggybud on Fri Jul 21, Windows 7×64, Wavelab 9.

Host Applications

OK so I have this dream of making a custom MIDI controller, right.. and setting it up as a perfect mirror of the Cubase Channel Editor. Hello im looking for an app to use my cubase 9 pro remotely record ” it could be better to edit some midi tracks on the go” My piano is away from. Studio has the Faderport 16 fader controller. Isn’t Cubase one of the world’s most used Daw’s??? Why don’t we get the privilege of.

The Generic Remote device

Procedure Open the Device Setup dialog on the Devices menu. If the Generic Remote device is not on the Devices list, you need to add it. Select the Generic Remote device in the Devices list to the left. The settings for the Generic Remote device are displayed, allowing you to specify which control on your device should control which parameter in Cubase.

VST Instruments

Ok, lets talk about integration. How do you select which mixer view it should follow? How about joining VCA group?

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If you have a generic MIDI controller, you can use this for remote control of Cubase by setting up the Generic Remote device. The DM as a Controller for Steinberg Cubase and Nuendo. It’s possible to control most of the functions of Cubase and Nuendo via the DM’s faders and. Engineered specifically for the thousands of production environments using Cubase worldwide, CC interfaces the creativity of musicians and producers with.

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Steinberg Cubase Controller

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