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It is an illustration program that has simple interface and easy to use tools. Its functionalities are not that complicated compared with Photoshop, but the basic and important functionalities in Photoshop are found in this software. This means that artists can use the program from their tablets or mobile devices. Distortions in images and drawings are also minimized when artists use a lower resolution of them in the painting program.
is paint tool sai free

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This post may contain affiliate links. It was first released in Japan with a full Japanese interface but has been translated to English and a few other languages. Only problem is learning the SAI interface. Perfect for anyone new to the software who wants to start painting fast.

Brushes , selection tools, managing document sizes, changing colors, everything like that. Still, it helps to have a guide and JelArts put together one incredible guide with this video. All of these tips again come from JelArts who has a lot to share in the way of digital painting.

I suggest bookmarking it for later so you can come back and soak up a few tips you might miss on your first viewing. TheOdd1sOut is a massive YouTube channel with over 6 million subscribers. All of their videos talk about something different and this one is especially valuable. If you come from a Photoshop background you should recognize a lot of these tools. But they all work a bit differently in SAI which can feel like re-learning everything over again.

Color Inside the Lines Clipping Group Working from lineart is super common with digital illustrations. The tough part beyond line art is learning how to paint inside the lines and stay true to your original art. Thankfully this video offers a handy guide to the whole process focusing on clipping groups inside SAI.

One key point that few artists grasp right away is layering your work. Totaling around 20 minutes long this is the perfect guide for getting up-to-speed on layers as a digital artist. This goes beyond simply picking different brush styles and designs. You also need to think about opacity, pressure, and various settings that come along with painting software.

Rather this gives you a glimpse into how a pro artist uses SAI brushes for day-to-day artwork. You knew there would be at least one, and let me tell you why I love these so much. They remove the worry of creativity and overthinking your subject. Instead you just sit down and paint exactly as the video does. Definitely a nice one for beginners. However if you do struggle with this tut I recommend practicing it a few times a week until you get comfortable with it. If you want to learn more about a solid SAI workflow have a look at this minute video to get a fully narrated guide to the whole process.

This vid is more about learning to use SAI rather than learning to color or draw or shade. Digital Coloring Clothes I really like tutorials that get detailed about specific things.

In this tutorial you can watch how YouTuber Pluvias paints clothes in her anime-style artwork. This video does not have audio narration so you have to watch the screen to follow along. This is a tiny goldmine of knowledge considering the techniques used here can radically decrease how much time you spend on a painting. Only problem? Again, no narration. Hair Coloring 3 Different Ways Learning to paint hair is always a challenge. No getting around that.

However you can learn faster if you start digitally and follow along with videos like this. The artist does not have any audio narration but there is a lot of writing on the screen explaining each step. Although with the lack of audio it really helps to have a dual monitor setup.

Glowing Effects in SAI YouTube artist Cyarin does a lot of different art tutorials on her channel including both digital and traditional work. One that I really like is this painting effect tutorial showing you how to create a simple glowing effect in Paint Tool SAI. The focus rests on a painting a small mushroom and the final result is simply beautiful. It does not have any narration and it is sped up so the video goes quicker at around 10 minutes long. It shows you how Cyarin creates a simple sketch, then refines that sketch to create linework.

Then she gets into the painting process and you can just watch the layers fly. Because this moves so fast you may not learn a lot right away. It runs in real time and spans over 40 minutes of painting from start to finish. No speedups and no malarkey.

You really have to figure out your line art process before you can start painting well, so this is certainly a great starting point for beginners or semi-skilled traditional artists moving into the digital realm. The end result is a complete living room interior painted in the modern anime BG style.

You can find similar tutorials like this in written form online. But I always like videos because you get to see every single step of the process. If you want to create layout artwork or background design work then you should absolutely save this tutorial. Maybe even check out some of the recommended tuts in the sidebar too. That way you can learn to exaggerate on your own and even practice digital drawing from life.

This eye tutorial comes from YouTuber Jenna Drawing who has a massive following on her art videos. While this video does explain a few key pieces of the GUI it does not hold your hand through everything.

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I know this is a weird question:madomote: but This have been bothering me for quite some time. The question is IS PAINT TOOL SAI FREE. I just wanted to post up my links so ya’ll can have the program but i am not tech support. Please stop asking me for help on your sai malfunctioning. This is a. PaintTool SAI is high quality and lightweight painting software, fully Free to try Systemax Windows 98//XP/Vista Version Full Specs.

Free Paint Tool SAI Tutorials For Digital Drawing & Painting

Date added: January 14th, – Free 21 votes, average: It is a lightweight and high-quality tool that is pretty easy to use, and it will offer any user the chance to create a beautiful drawings. This tool provides the user with an easy and also a stable operation option which he can use to make some fabulous creations. You will see that through the use of this tool it will be possible to make some tremendous digital pieces of fun art.


This post may contain affiliate links. It was first released in Japan with a full Japanese interface but has been translated to English and a few other languages. Only problem is learning the SAI interface.

Watch: PaintTool SAI Reviews: Overview, Pricing and Features

I know this is a weird question:madomote: but This have been bothering me for quite some time. The question is IS PAINT TOOL SAI FREE. SAI or Easy Paint Tool SAI (ペイントツールSAI) is a lightweight raster graphic editor and painting SAI comes with a full set of transformation tools that can work on selections, including move, resize, rotate, and a free (perspective) transform. Paint Tool SAI Free Download for Windows 10, 7, 8/ (64 bit/32 bit). Paint Tool SAI is a program designed for digital drawing in Microsoft Windows.

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