How To Save Proshow Video

How To Save Proshow Video

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ProShow Producer 4. Interface is easy to use and customizing layouts, effects, transitions a snap. Good if you just want to watch on your computer no export. Cons Eats CPU. I use 64bit advanced video editing software, this slows the system down horribly by comparison.
how to save proshow video

How To Save Proshow Video

High Resolution Output from ProShow Producer

Here are the 10 steps to create a nice photo and video slideshow with ProShow Web! Step 1 — Prep Your Content Before you start working with a video editor, always think about your slideshow concept and outline.

Next, select your content and put them in a dedicated folder in order so you can add them to the video editor easily.

For this tutorial, I will prepare a slideshow to share some weekend trip photos and videos with friends in a fun and uplifting style. I selected 45 photos and 3 videos which will make a slideshow around 3 to 4 minutes long. This is my dedicated folder with the slideshow content on my Mac. Thanks to rawpixel for the photos and pexels for the videos! Free, Plus, and Premium. If you want to test before you buy to see if ProShow Web is for you, you can try out the Free plan which allows you to create slideshows with up to 15 photos.

The slideshow will then have a ProShow watermark all along the video and ProShow logo at the end. In this tutorial, I am using the ProShow Web Plus paid plan, which basically allows you to create slideshows up to 20 minutes long, or containing photos. You can download basic HD videos up to p, which is enough for displaying them on average screens. In this version, your slideshow will have a ProShow logo at the end — but not a watermark.

If you are a professional who needs a commercial license to create and sell slideshows to others, then you better go for the Premium version. That will eliminate the watermarks and ProShow logo at the end, and you can download True HD p videos. ProShow Web will then display your latest slideshows created so far. Click New Show to start creating a new one. ProShow Web offers more than a hundred themes to choose from. You can find them categorized under different lifetime events.

Just go ahead and select your occasion, preview available themes to decide which one is for you, and apply the theme to your slideshow. Take it easy with your theme selection. You can always change your theme later during the creation process. Your content will automatically adapt to the new theme.

ProShow Web offers lots of themes with more than professional effects for photos, videos, and texts. Pick a theme to set the best style for your slideshow! Then add photos and videos from your computer, or import content from a variety of sources including Facebook, Instagram, SmugMug and Dropbox.

You will need to login to your accounts to import content from there. You can add content from a variety of sources, including Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Zenfolio, and Dropbox.

If you have a dedicated folder with your photos and videos, just select the option to add photos and videos from your computer and select all the content you want to add.

ProShow Web is very flexible in terms of adding content from different sources. To change the order of your photos and videos, just drag and drop them into the desired position. You can make basic edits to your photos right inside of ProShow. Click on Edit to see further editing options such as cropping, rotating, color corrections, sharpness adjustments, focus, red eye correction, photo effects and lighting settings.

Edit your videos the same way as you would your photos. Basic editing features similar to photos are also available for videos. For videos, you will see a trimming option to cut your video at a desired length. You can also decide if you want your video to be muted or not. If you unmute your video, the background music of your slideshow will gradually be lowered when your video clip starts playing. Be sure to trim your videos to the correct length!

Step 7 — Add Your Music Themes and music choices are very important to create a style and impactful mood for the audience, and both work brilliantly synced on ProShow. Click on Add Music. The variety and quality of the royalty-free music offered in the built-in library along with the auto-sync feature are two very powerful aspects of ProShow that makes it worth the money you pay. Choose to import your own music, or use a tune from the built-in ProShow library.

You can filter the library by combining more than one option. Filter and search the music library to find the perfect song! Depending on the length of your slideshow, you can add multiple tracks.

ProShow Web will create a nice transition between them and fit them to the length of your slideshow automatically. Step 8 — Build Your Slideshow Once you pick your theme, add your content, text and music, just let ProShow handle the work for you: In a matter of a few minutes ProShow Web will deliver a video that you can customize further can take longer for larger slideshow projects.

Wait for a few minutes and refresh the screen if this is the case When ProShow Web builds your slideshow, preview and see how it looks. Otherwise, click Edit Show to edit and fine-tune your slideshow further. Step 9 — Tweak Your Slideshow When you apply a theme to a slideshow, ProShow Web generally uses many effects and transitions available on that theme.

If you want to create a nice and elegant slideshow, however, you should edit the theme and select just a few of them. You can do this either before building your slideshow for the first time. Alternatively, you can let ProShow Web build your slideshow first, play it to see which effects and transitions look good, edit the theme, make some manual fine-tuning on the timeline, and then let ProShow Web rebuild it. At the footer, you can see the total number of photos and videos used, the total duration of your slideshow, and the template used.

You can also decide whether multiple music tracks should be automatically crossfaded for transition, whether multi-photo effects should be used, and whether your video clips should be muted or not. You can edit the theme in the settings. If you built your show already once, then you can edit your show effects and transitions by turning them on and off after you select Used In This Show. Casual Modern this is the theme I selected and turn on and off your effects and transitions. In the settings, you can also select what effects and transitions are used.

I recommend you to keep effects and transitions as simple as possible. Select no more than 10 effects and transitions per slideshow to keep it professional. Edit Effects and Transitions for Individual Clips You can further tweak your slideshow by editing effects, transitions, and timings for individual clips manually. If you want to change a specific effect, click on the photo or video and select FX Effect from the top menu. Once selected, you can preview, select, and apply effects and transitions that you like.

To do that, double-click on the duration and type the new duration you want. Then save.

A Great Choice for Pros and Prosumers

When you create a photo + video slideshow with the ProShow Web app, you can easily download the video you’ve created and save it to your iPhone or iPad’s. At Photodex, we’re obsessed with quality and making sure your video slideshows are the best they can be. That’s why Vimeo is our preferred method of output. AVI Video Converter Last time I coverted from a Windows Movie Maker file to (Via the AVI Converter) to. Epson P/P/P Best.

Create Slideshows

Saving a show in ProShow will create a file that you can later open to edit and change the show you have created. Whether you have created a show using the wizard or have decided to manually add your content, ProShow allows you to save your show files. This creates a file that you can later open in ProShow again to make changes to or create a new output for. To save your show… Click File and choose Save, after you have completed your show. This will open a small window that will ask you what you want to name the file and where to save it.


Here are the 10 steps to create a nice photo and video slideshow with ProShow Web! Step 1 — Prep Your Content Before you start working with a video editor, always think about your slideshow concept and outline.

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High Resolution Output from ProShow Producer. Posted by Dan Israel on May 4, in Video. Lately, I’ve been using ProShow Producer to build photographic. The plug-in works directly with ProShow Producer and ProShow Gold to create videos The method for copying your video file onto your device depends on the . ProShow Gold is a program for user to create, combine and edit video professionally. Step 1: When you receive this message, you must save the Project by.

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How To Save Proshow Video

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