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Gadget Hacks Depending on who you ask, internet connectivity should be a basic human right. With Google recently embarking on a project to provide internet capabilities to remote corners of the world using balloons and satellites while Facebook attempts to do the same with unmanned drones , the concept of free web access is steadily gaining steam. It’s this train of thought that sparked the idea for a new crowd-sourced database of Wi-Fi access point passwords. The service uses an app called Instabridge to allow users to share passwords for Wi-Fi networks that they’ve connected to, then provides a map of all of these access points to other users.
how to crack hotspot

6 Ways to hack into public WiFi hotspot – Cracking WiFi password

Some work on rooted devices while others are compatible with non-rooted devices. At the same time, there are apps that can work on both rooted and non-rooted devices. Popular apps that abuse WPS vulnerability: You can enter the alphabets and length of the password and the app will try all the possible combinations. WIBR Plus is one such app for Android that will let you hack any Wifi connection that uses a weak password protection.

Essentially, the app makes use of a brute force attack that allows you to perform dictionary-based attacks on the targeted router and discover the password. It may take from a few thousand attempts to millions depending upon the password strength. WifiPhisher has a different approach to obtain Wifi passwords. Sounds Good?.. WifiPhisher uses the man-in-the-middle approach where the attacker creates a replica of the original Wireless Access Point.

After that, it compels the user to de-authenticate from the existing access points by jamming all the access points. The user enters the password on that webpage thinking its a legitimate warning. The password is then passed to the hacker who had set-up fake Access point and as soon as he receives the password he then allows the user to connect to the real access point by disabling his fake one. This way, Wifi network credentials can be obtained. Official Github repo: Till now, we discussed simple tricks and smartphone apps that can help in cracking or stealing the Wi-Fi hotspot password.

With WPA2 encryption, most of the times, it is difficult to crack the password. This results in longer and stronger passwords. How to crack hotspot password? To crack WPA2 wifi passwords, you need a reputed and effective hacking suite. Using a hacking suite requires software and hardware with heavy configuration. Inside Kali OS, There are different hacking modules for different purposes. Aircrack-NG is the most widely used wireless hacking suite module in the world.

It comprises of a complete set of tools that can be used for maneuvering and cracking Wi-Fi networks. Despite being the most advanced hacking suite, it is sometimes very slow in cracking passwords. To compensate the slow speed, researchers have developed another wireless hacking tool called CoWPAtty which is an alternative for Aircrack-NG but often hackers use both to get optimal results.

Let us look at the basic steps to successfully crack strong Wifi passwords: By default, your wireless card will only receive packets that are intended for it. But since you do not have access to the network, you will not receive any traffic data unless you convert your wireless card into a promiscuous mode. So the first tool that is being used is Airmon-ng, which will allow our wireless card to hook-up with traffic data, no matter it was intended for it or not.

The next tool that is being used is Airodump-ng, which enables us to capture packets that we are interested in.

To be able to capture the encrypted password for this Access point, we need to capture the 4-way handshake authentication protocol and this is only possible when someone another client is in the process of authentication.

To be able to achieve this scenario, We will first de-authenticate any client and allow them to authenticate again. So we use another tool called Aireplay-Ng to de-auth any user.

Once we de-auth the client, he will automatically try to authenticate again and during this process out the previous tool Airodump-ng will silently attempt to grab their encrypted password in the new 4-way handshake. Now that we have the encrypted password, we now attempt to crack it by using a password file Default password list included with aircrack-ng.

Depending on the length of your password list, It might take a few minutes to a few days. Refer this tutorial on using Cowpatty — Wireless hacking tool. If you are using a normal PC to decipher the hashed password, it can take years to crack it. This is because of infinite possible combinations of characters.

To simplify your job, You need a fast and reliable multi-core CPU. Given the infinite number of possible combinations for a password, you cannot process the software on a normal CPU. The cores in the CPU make difference. Opt for a multi-core processor before initiating password cracking process. You also require a powerful wireless adapter. But, it cannot be used for the hacking purpose. We cannot initiate our hacking process without the right wireless adapter.

The adapter should be able to accomplish two tasks. First, it should work in the monitor mode where it can detect all the networks irrespective of the frequency. Secondly, it should be able to inject as well as detect all the packets in the air. A packet is a unit of data that is being transferred from the access point to the user and vice versa. Now you know that you do need powerful resources to actually hack strong Wifi passwords and it is a big deal to make your wireless passwords as much strong as possible.

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I have seen quite the influx in 4G hotspots recently. A lot of people I know carry them with them as well. I had the chance to look at one a little closer recently. Some actually print the password on the router to make it easy to remember. Most of the time there is some sort of default password.

Some work on rooted devices while others are compatible with non-rooted devices. At the same time, there are apps that can work on both rooted and non-rooted devices.

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