Features Of Photoshop 7

Features Of Photoshop 7

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File Browser For those of you who have gnashed your teeth over the lack of a browser within Photoshop, your anticipation is over. Photoshop 7. The File Browser is an excellent tool that allows you to look at a folder full of images directly from Photoshop regardless of the format of those images and even if the images don’t have thumbnails or image previews.
features of photoshop 7

Features Of Photoshop 7

Five Hot New Features in Photoshop Elements 7 for Windows

File Browser For those of you who have gnashed your teeth over the lack of a browser within Photoshop, your anticipation is over. Photoshop 7. The File Browser is an excellent tool that allows you to look at a folder full of images directly from Photoshop regardless of the format of those images and even if the images don’t have thumbnails or image previews.

This saves you from going to the finder or Windows explorer to find an image. Using easy-to-view thumbnails, you can quickly organize and retrieve images from your hard drive, external drives, CDs, and disks directly with Photoshop.

You can also rotate images and batch rename, rank, and sort files. In addition to rank, the File Browser lets you sort images by file name, file width and height, file size, file type, resolution, color profile, date created, date modified, and copyright. For further flexibility, you can view files by each criteria in ascending or descending order. The Browser even helps you manage folders and files by allowing you to create and rename folders; and delete, open, move, copy, or rename image files.

Anyone that uses a digital camera will really appreciate the File Browser as most images from digital cameras often don’t have meaningful names. Now you can view them with the File Browser and just open the ones you want. See image to the left for a view of the File Browser. The Healing Brush tool lets you correct a small number of pixels, causing them to disappear into the surrounding image.

In a similar way to the Clone Stamp tool Rubber Stamp , you use the Healing Brush tool to paint with sampled pixels from an image or pattern. However, the Healing Brush tool also matches the texture, lighting and shading of the sampled pixels to the source pixels. As a result, the repaired pixels often blend more seamlessly into the rest of the image. The Patch tool lets you repair selections made using a selection tool including channel operations using pixels from another area or a pattern.

Like the Healing Brush tool, the Patch tool matches the texture, lighting and shading of the sampled pixels to the source pixels. This tool is especially useful for repairing large flaws in areas of identical tone or color. This tool also lets you fine-tune and modify a selection e. If you do a lot of difficult restoration and or retouching work these two new tools will likely make your job a lot quicker, easier and downright fun.

You can see the benefit of restoring vintage photographs in a way that allows you to keep the textured matting around a picture and the image’s overall aged appearance as part of its charm.

Previously, if you cleaned up an image with a definite texture of its own, you often lost that texture on the places where you had to paint over a scratch or spot. Both tools use a complicated algorithm to blend the source and destination areas so that you get a better blend than with the Clone Stamp tool.

These tools are addictive. Just use them once and you are hooked. See view to the left for a view of a before and after image using the Healing Brush. I used the tool to eliminate lines on the forehead and under the eyes. Web Transparency and Remapping Photoshop and ImageReady now let you make Web page elements transparent by simply clicking on the color you want to knock out.

You can remap more than one color at a time and easily restore colors to their original settings. See image to the left for a view of the before and after adjustments to a logo image with the cyan border changed to transparency and the white color around the text turned to green. It’s easy to return to original states or colors by clicking the colored areas of the swatches in the Color Table. This is an excellent feature. You can preview your changes right away, and you haven’t changed the original file.

Because the transparent pixels in the image do not require blending with a matte color when saving the file, a single graphic may be used in multiple places on multiple backgrounds. While this is a good idea, the effect could be smoother. It still looks more like an obvious dither than a natural, soft shadow.

Enhanced Web Output When optimizing images for the Web, you can keep vector art and text looking crisp by letting Photoshop or ImageReady automatically assign a higher priority to those areas. This lets you reduce overall file size by giving the areas you want to emphasize–vector art or text–a higher quality than other image areas. See image to the left for a view of the dialog box where you can prioritize areas of the image for different amounts of compression.

Rollovers Palette ImageReady’s Rollovers palette has received a total makeover which is a solid improvement over the previous version. The new Rollovers palette lets Web designers see all the slices, rollovers, image maps, and animations of an image in a single palette, making it significantly easier to author and navigate Web content.

An added feature is the ability to add layer-based rollovers by simply clicking a button in the palette.

See image to the left for a view of the Rollovers palette showing an animation, slices, rollovers, and an image map. Another interesting addition to rollovers is the Selected state. ImageReady generates the code necessary to create navigation bars with simultaneous rollover effects. This new revision of the Rollovers palette is certainly easier to use than the previous ones. Workspaces The new Workspace option in Photoshop 7. You might use one set of palettes, say Layers, Channels and Info, when doing color correction, but only want Layers, Brushes and Swatches showing when you are repainting parts of your file.

The states of your palettes, such as whether the Color palette is in RGB or CMYK, are saved as well, Also presets include the size of palettes; so if you typically expand the size of the Layers or History palette while working on a particular type of image, even that level of customization will be retained. With preset workspaces, if you share the computer with someone else, you can still instantly access your personalized Photoshop desktop.

You can also program Action Function Keys to make switching between workspaces even faster. The Workspace option is a great time-saver. Adobe certainly did listen to users when they asked for a quick way to hide and show palettes. Tool Presets For those of you who have had the experience of choosing all the settings you need for a tool, then changing them later to work on a different project, and then wondering what you’re missing as you try to find the settings that made that tool perfect for the preceding job, Photoshop 7.

Tool Presets. You can create Tool Presets, establishing settings for individual tools so you don’t need to keep adjusting options each time you return to a tool. The Tool Presets palette makes it easy to name, save, and apply presets for any tool in the toolbox.

For example, you can choose default fonts, point sizes, and text colors for the Text tool, choose specific brush settings for the Eraser, and set up the way the Gradient tool will work automatically. Any tool in the toolbox can be customized and the custom settings saved. You can create multiple settings for individual tools and for each version of each tool , again making it possible to customize your environment so it’s quick and easy to set up for specific projects or projects of a particular type.

Besides the Tool Presets palette, which you can bring up and down like a regular palette from the Window menu, there is also a click, drag and select version of the palette available at the top left of the Options bar.

Once you start creating these presets, you will wonder how you functioned without them. This is a welcome addition to Photoshop. See image to the left for a view of the Tool Presets palette. Auto Color Command With Photoshop 7. This feature removes color casts, assuring you of consistent and accurate colors in your images.

It’s in the Image menu, in the Adjustments submenu. The image to the left shows you the difference in using the Auto Levels and the Auto Color command. The image before adjustments left contains a yellowish color cast. After the Auto Levels command is applied middle , the contrast is improved but the color cast remains. The Auto Color command far right removes the yellowish cast and brings out the image’s true colors.


Automatic features. Photoshop ‘s picture packaging utility is a boon for those with photographic printers. Using this window, available from the ‘file> automate’ . and choose Image > Reveal All to have Photoshop automatically increase the canvas to include all “hidden” images information. To change the default angle and altitude for the Global Light feature, close all 7) Creating New Files. Get a first look at the newly announced Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 for Windows as Photoshop Elements 7 for Windows: Visual QuickStart.

We probably rack up about as many digital photos each week as a professional photographer would throughout the course of his or her work week. Given that we take anywhere from 5 to 25 shots of all products on the PCstats review block, time is of the essence to get those images sorted, cropped, and edited down to the final few which make the grade. Time is money, and to get all this work done quickly and well, we have been using Adobe’s Photoshop software for some time now. With the recent release of Adobe Photoshop version 7.

Using this utility makes printing wallet photos, to use one example, incredibly easy. Clicking on the images to the right brings up the file browser, allowing you to choose the images you want to print.

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We’ve compiled a list of 20 of the most useful but little-known features tucked away in Photoshop. In this quick rundown, we are going to explore 7 interesting and somewhat unknown Photoshop features that focus on improving your daily. Why spend $50/mo when your current Photoshop ver. But Photoshop 7 is very old and is missing many modern features that are included in.

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Features Of Photoshop 7

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