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General I’m updating to Windows Will your software continue to work? We’ve investigated the problem and found a solution.
easy duplicate finder 5.3 key

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General I’m updating to Windows Will your software continue to work? We’ve investigated the problem and found a solution. So, if you are planning to update to Windows 10, please follow these steps before you run the update: With the help of this program you will be able to manage duplicate documents, photos, songs, videos, emails and more.

There are lots of different options and scan methods that guarantee accurate results and make the search quick and easy. This feature is ideal for those who have a large image library and want to get rid of poor quality shots quickly. What is the best way to scan my computer for duplicate files? Here is how: You can also click on “Add folders” and select folders without dragging and dropping. Click on the green Start Scan button to start the scan. Duplicate Photo Cleaner is different because it can detect both identical and similar images, such as resized and edited photos.

It can also find photos in different formats a. JPG file vs. PNG file, for example. But if all you want to do is organize your extensive image library, consider getting Duplicate Photo Cleaner. It will not only help you find and delete duplicate photos, but also let you easily sort through similar shots and decide which ones to keep and which to delete or move. How does Easy Duplicate Finder find duplicates and pre-select the files to delete?

This algorithm compares the hash for each file. If several files have the same hash, then one file is considered an original and the rest are marked as duplicates. Here is how the scan works: EDF scans the folders specified by the user and compiles a list of files. If the user applied any filters size, file extension, etc.

Files that have the same hash are duplicates. EDF groups the duplicates and assigns numbers to the files starting with 1, then it sorts the results. The file that was assigned with 1 is considered the original and the rest are considered duplicates. Because the files are the same they have the same hash , the File Search mode selects the original file randomly.

You can always modify the selection with the help of the pencil button. For example, you can mark the oldest or the newest files as originals.

There are lots of batch selection options, so make sure you check them out. Download edfSetup. Click Open to launch the app. Is there a portable version of Easy Duplicate Finder? You can download it from the Version History page. Why isn’t there a special portable version for Mac? That’s because all Mac software is portable – you can run a.

Simply download the Mac version of the program and enjoy your portable Easy Duplicate Finder for Mac! How does Easy Duplicate Finder decide which files are the originals and which are the duplicates? When you are using most scan modes, Easy Duplicate Finder treats the first file in a group of duplicates as the original file.

But when you switch to the Folder Comparison mode, all the files in the Master Folder are marked as the originals and the files in target folders are marked as the duplicates. Why is that? Mac OS X Mojave has enhanced security when it comes to third-party applications.

That’s why it will display popups like this one and ask you to allow access to Finder and other apps like iTunes and Photos: The easiest way to stop these popups is to give EDF full disk access. Click on the Privacy tab.

Easy Duplicate Finder’s trial version provides unlimited scanning and lets you manage 10 groups of duplicate files. After that, file management options become locked and the scanning remains available. Can you help? There are a few things that may prevent the activation of the product, including: Then proceed to register the program. Your firewall or anti-virus programs may be preventing changes to your computer. Even ones you want to make such as registering your product.

Try disabling your security software temporarily and proceed with product registration. My computer is not connected to the Internet.

Is there a way to activate Easy Duplicate Finder offline? Follow these steps to activate Easy Duplicate Finder on a computer that’s not connected to the Internet: Purchase a license key and install Easy Duplicate Finder on your computer. Open Easy Duplicate Finder, click on the hamburger menu and go to “About”.

Copy the product key from the popup that appears. Go to this page and open a support ticket. Make sure you send both your product key and your license key to the Support Team. Our Support Team will generate activation data for your copy of Easy Duplicate Finder and email it to you. Copy the activation data from the email, save it as a text file and put the file on a flash drive.

Connect the flash drive to your offline computer, open the text file with the activation data, select all of it and copy it. Open Easy Duplicate Finder. If you have valid activation data and if you’ve followed these steps correctly, your copy of Easy Duplicate Finder will become activated. If you’re on Windows, you can ask the Support Team to email you a Master File that you can save to the folder where Easy Duplicate Finder is installed. Then simply open Easy Duplicate Finder and it will get activated.

How do I do that? If you ever need to reinstall the software or move it to a different computer, you can go to the “About” screen inside the program, make a note of your license key and then remove it. This will reset the key so that you can reactivate it on a new installation this feature is limited to 3 times.

An expired key will not activate on any version released after expiration. If you are a registered licensed user, simply click on the Check for Updates link and download the latest version.

Then launch the installation file and follow the prompts. You don’t need to uninstall the old version to upgrade. As for the expiry date, it’s set to show you the period during which you will be able to download free updates.

Once the license expires, you can continue using your version of the program, but you will need to extend your license to continue getting updates and have access to email support. Remember that each computer is assigned a unique license ID.

How do I get my software up and running again? Install Easy Duplicate Finder again, just as if you were installing it on a new computer. When prompted, enter your current license key and proceed to activation.

The activation will fail and you’ll get an option to activate the software by email. Click on “Activate by email” and fill out the details including why the reactivation is necessary. Submit the email. We will reactivate your license key and you’ll be able to use it to activate the software again. I thought I had purchased a license for 3 computers, but it looks like I’ve purchased a single-PC license.

Is there any way to upgrade my license for the price difference between the two? Please log into your account from this page. To the right of your license key, you’ll see two links – to renew and to upgrade. Click on the Upgrade button and follow the prompts.

How do I log into my account on easyduplicatefinder. Use your account to retrieve your license key and check your subscription.

Your login ID is the email address you used when you purchased the program. Also keep in mind that passwords are case-sensitive. Is Easy Duplicate Finder compatible with it?

Yes, Easy Duplicate Finder is compatible with Windows XP even though it’s designed to work on the newest operating systems to ensure highly accurate results and great performance.

That’s why some users may experience problems using the latest versions of Easy Duplicate Finder on XP. If that’s the case with you, we suggest you download the following version: Download Easy Duplicate Finder v.

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Easy Duplicate Finder

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