Avira Phantom Vpn Pro Review

Avira Phantom Vpn Pro Review

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The Pro version comes with unlimited data volume, fail-safe kill switch and round the clock technical support. Avira claims that their Phantom VPN is unhackable as it blocks all attempts to steal financial information, private files, passwords and other sensitive information. It also protects users from advertisers and eavesdroppers as they see the users as anonymous entities browsing from constantly changing locations.
avira phantom vpn pro review

Avira Phantom Vpn Pro Review

Avira Phantom VPN Pro REVIEW

Some users report problems related to the software not connecting to the already offered anonymous VPN servers after installation. However, it may be because an already installed firewall software blocked the Avira Phantom VPN software.

In numerous forums and blogs the occasional emerging problem was discussed—such problems are solved in most cases within minutes. Basically, we recommend checking if other firewall software is already installed on the computer before installing Avira Phantom VPN. Almost every firewall software has the possibility in the configuration to create a so-called white-list, i.

For example, Avira Phantom VPN has built a lot of servers worldwide that users can login to optionally. If one of the servers are too slow, users can choose other faster alternative servers.

All are clearly sufficient for large downloads. Depending on the server, Avira VPN speeds up to 5. This is perfectly acceptable, considering that most free VPN servers usually do not offer more than 0.

This makes the Avira server more than 10 times faster than the usual VPN provider. The question is: If the VPN connection breaks from one second to another, would the user no longer be anonymous in the network? This can lead to major problems, especially with downloaders: If you lose the VPN connection in the middle of a download, you are completely open and unsecured.

However, Avira VPN software came up with a nice solution. If the VPN connection breaks down, which may happen from time to time, the entire Internet connection of your computer is also on hold.

This is a special protection for the user. So whoever loses the VPN connection in the middle of the download is not reset to a normal Internet connection. The data stream breaks off completely. In this case, the user must manually exit the software or restart the VPN connection. This solution shows that Avira is not just any VPN provider, but a company with a history of Internet security. A big plus for Avira VPN. Well, Avira VPN has taken extra precautions: According to Avira, their VPN servers do not store any data.

If the servers are somehow compromised no one will be able to track who logged into the server. This may be due to not many knowing that Avira is also a VPN provider. Therefore, the company is currently fighting with awareness in the VPN software market. Thus making Avira VPN one of the cheapest in the market. Avira VPN Technical Support 4 out of 5 Avira has a support team you can contact on their website, but telephone availability is also guaranteed. Initially, Avira dedicated an entire web portal to problems and questions.

In the web portal, users will find a help page, downloads, help videos, FAQ Avira answers and a blog. In addition, users can turn to Avira social media channels since they also answers questions there. If all else fails, you can simply leave a message to Avira, for example, under the Avira Support for premium products. If you are not satisfied with that, there is the Avira phone support.

However, you must already be an Avira customer because the registration email is required—only then you can take advantage of the phone support. After all, in Germany, the greatest emphasis is placed on data protection, unlike anywhere else in the world. A German manufacturer for the American market—thus making Avira a great competitor.

Avira is a high quality VPN product. In the next few years, however, Avira could increase the price, as the user awareness of Avira VPN is growing daily. As of late, Netflix has been the main threat of all VPN providers. The international and well-known VPN providers are constantly blocked. Unfortunately, some Avira VPN servers are affected, but not all.

That means: Avira VPN offers a very high number of servers that you can log in to. You can easily change the server yourself via the Avira VPN interface. So, if you want to stream U. Our recommendation: Do not be afraid to buy Avira at the already very low price. Stephan has been researching for the Fraunhofer Society and has been developing software for the autonomous discovery of computer viruses and trojans using artificial intelligence.

Great encryption, in fact, one of the best in the world right now. CONS Very few servers in barely any countries. Based in the U. The market leader for VPN software has delighted users within a very short time. The company has only been on the market since and already has more users than companies like Norton, Avira or Avast. What is so special about NordVPN?

Is Avira Phantom VPN Safe?

Looking for honest Avira Phantom VPN Pro reviews? Learn more about its pricing details and check what experts think about its features and. Connections with Avira Phantom VPN are secure, but with some of the slowest data transfer The paid version is called Phantom VPN Pro. Avira Phantom VPN is a great VPN provider for all users who want smooth performance, good speed, unlimited bandwidth, and extreme ease of use. It keeps no.

Avira Phantom VPN Pro Software Review September, 2019

Check Amazon We check over million products every day for the best prices Phantom VPN, operated by German antivirus maker Avira, is quite fast and very easy to use. The free version limits usage to a measly MB a month, but it doubles that allotment to 1GB if you register with a valid email address. Unfortunately, that’s chicken feed compared with Windscribe’s 10GB monthly free plan, which we think is the best free VPN service , and won’t satisfy anyone but a holiday traveler checking email. The companies simply don’t have an incentive to keep your private data private.

Today’s best Avira Phantom VPN Free deals

This is the protocol of choice for most informed users as it has the advantage of being open source technology. A kill switch is vital because it stops the apps on your computer from continuing to browse when the VPN suddenly loses its connection.

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We reviewed the German manufacturer Avira Phantom VPN. How reliable and fast is the VPN software really?. Avira Phantom VPN secures the web browsing of as many devices as Pros. Unlimited devices, even in the free version. Affordable, flexible. pros. Extremely affordable price; No logging, monitoring or third party Avira’s Phantom VPN doesn’t have much in the way of advanced.

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Avira Phantom Vpn Pro Review

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