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Used to be. I create huge amounts of digital data in the form of photographs, digital design work and software reviews like this one, but almost all of it is stored on my personal computer. Because so much of my life is built on computers, it makes perfect sense for me to be extremely careful about backing up my data to make sure nothing gets lost. Roughly a decade ago, I had an old hard drive die that contained a huge amount of my early photography work.
aomei vs acronis

What’s the difference between differential and incremental backups (and why should I care)?

Used to be. I create huge amounts of digital data in the form of photographs, digital design work and software reviews like this one, but almost all of it is stored on my personal computer. Because so much of my life is built on computers, it makes perfect sense for me to be extremely careful about backing up my data to make sure nothing gets lost.

Roughly a decade ago, I had an old hard drive die that contained a huge amount of my early photography work. When it comes to properly backing up your data, the first thing you need is at least one high-capacity external drive.

Prices per gigabyte have dropped quite a lot in the last few years, and drives of 3 or 4 terabytes are becoming more affordable. On a long enough timeline, every drive will fail and become unreliable or unusable, which is why backups are absolutely essential. Solid-state drives SSDs are less likely to fail than older hard drives with spinning magnetic platters, largely because they have no moving parts.

There are other more technical reasons as well, but they are a bit outside the scope of this article. That might seem excessive, but the only way a hard drive crash can be worse is if your backup data is also corrupted. Ideally, one of your backup copies should be located in a physically separate place from the original copy. If all your drives give up the ghost, an entire industry has developed around data recovery, but it can cost thousands of dollars for platter-based drives. The smart solution is just to make proper backups.

Not having a backup of your files is sort of like owning a home without fire insurance: But does it really affect you personally? It depends on how deeply you embrace the digital lifestyle.

As long as you can remember to update your backup, you might not lose too many files if something happens to your hard drive, but a dedicated backup program is a much better option. Good backup software will make this job infinitely easier than trying to handle it manually or using the built-in Windows 10 backup system. Does it offer scheduled backups? Remembering to update your backups is one of the biggest hassles in the entire process.

A backup from six months ago is better than nothing, but a backup from yesterday will be far more helpful if something goes wrong. Good backup software will allow you to schedule the backup process at regular intervals, so that you can configure it once and then not worry about it again. Can it create sequential backups?

Hard drives can fail in strange ways. Sometimes malware can corrupt some of your files before you notice it or before your security software catches it.

Good backup software will let you create multiple dated backup copies, allowing you to restore an earlier uncorrupted version of the files. Can it back up your entire computer? If the worst should happen and your hard drive fails completely, it can be a huge hassle to configure your new drive. Reinstalling and updating Windows manually can take a very long time, not to mention reinstalling all of your favorite programs.

Can it back up only your new and altered files? Can it store your files in a network location? If you have a NAS setup or access to a large off-site FTP server, it can be very helpful to have software that knows how to access network storage locations. Is it easy to use? Is it affordable? Is it available for multiple devices?

Many people have more than one computer, and in a small office or family household, there can be quite a few.

Most software licenses are sold for individual computers, which means that buying multiple license copies can get pretty expensive. The only minor issue that I had with the program was that it requires you to set up an Acronis account in order to use the program, but it uses this to handle cloud backups and other online service integrations. Setting up an account is quite easy to do, although it obviously does require internet access and a working email address. Once the sign-up is out of the way, Acronis presents you with a simple interface that guides you on how to set up your first backup.

You can choose to back up your entire desktop or just a specific set of folders, and there is a wide range of customization options when it comes to the storage location, schedule, and method. The backup methods available are also quite extensive, allowing you to choose from a single backup copy, multiple full backups, or a range of incremental systems designed to help you save space.

If none of those fit the bill, you can define an entirely custom scheme that matches your specific needs. Aside from these excellent backup options, Acronis True Image also comes with a number of other helpful tools for working with your drives and data.

The Archive tool allows you to store large rarely used files on a separate drive or the Acronis Cloud, and the Sync tool lets you use the Acronis Cloud as a transfer method for ensuring that all your files are available across all your devices. The Tools section itself contains a number of handy features for dealing with your data. You can create a bootable copy of an entire drive to install on a new computer, create rescue media to help you diagnose computer problems, or securely delete your data from a drive before you recycle it.

Acronis includes this with the goal of preventing your files and your backups from being corrupted by ransomware, a type of malware that encrypts files and holds them hostage until a payment is made to the criminals.

Learn more about True Image from the Acronis official website here. The Best Free Backup Software: Unlike most free software programs, the interface is simple and easy to use You can back up your entire system, your entire drive, or just selected files and folders, and you can schedule them any way that you want. You can also easily save to a NAS or other shared computer, although there are no options to back up to a cloud or any other off-site network location. You can choose to create full backups or incremental backups to save time and space, although you can only choose to create sequential backups in the paid version of the program.

You can also use the Clone feature to quickly make a copy of any existing drive to any blank drive, down to the exact byte. It will be especially useful for those of you who have multiple computers to back up, which is where the other paid options really start to get expensive.

Considering how expensive this program is, I was a bit disappointed by the lack of additional features. Oddly enough, it was also one of only two programs I reviewed in this category to require a restart after installation. There is no cloud backup option, although you can send your backups to network drives. Backups are easy to create, whether you want a one-time backup or a regularly scheduled option.

Paragon also includes a couple of other tools, including a partition manager, a secure delete function and a drive imaging tool that allows you to create an exact bootable copy of your existing drive. It makes it extremely simple to set up a backup, although the method of selecting what type of files you want to back up is a bit strange. It offers two methods: This may be simpler for many computer users, but oddly the layout for Smart Selection has one hidden option for Ebooks that is inexplicably buried on its own page.

Instead, you have to download and install it separately, which seems like a very odd choice for such a basic and useful feature. Several of the other programs I looked at provide better value for money while still keeping the interface very user-friendly, so you may want to look elsewhere.

There is a solid range of backup options, however, including the option to backup to the NTI Cloud or to any local network device. Like Genie Timeline, there are two ways to select your backups: NTI has also developed a mobile app for iOS and Android to help you backup your mobile device photos, but it does require the creation of an NTI account in order to sync with your computer.

So while the social media feature may be tempting, you should still probably look elsewhere for a backup solution. The Free Alternatives EaseUS ToDo Backup Free Free software is often plagued by unwanted third-party software that gets bundled into their installers, and unfortunately, this is one of them.

The free version allows you to schedule backups of your entire computer and of specific files and folders but limits you when it comes to certain features such as backing up your Outlook client or creating a disk image for migrating to a new computer. There are also some additional tools included such as a recovery disk creator and a secure file eraser. When you combine that with the sneaky third-party software that is included in the installation process, I have to recommend that you look elsewhere for a free backup solution, despite the fact that the rest of the program is effective.

Macrium Reflect 7 Free Edition This free option is unique for a bad reason — it requires that you download a whopping MB for the basic installation, which is a bit astonishing considering the limited features it offers. Apparently, this excessive size is largely due to the inclusion of WinPE components which are used to create recovery media, but it is by far the largest download of all the programs I reviewed.

The Truth About Saving Your Data

After The Crash, Comparing Backup Software, Acronis, Aomei and . but they do offer you an adjustment on speed versus compression size. There are two pieces of popular backup software in the market that gain users praise. They are AOMEI Backupper Standard and Acronis True. Not sure if Acronis Backup or AOMEI Backupper is best for your business? Read our product descriptions to find pricing and features info.

Backup software: Macrium, AOMEI…?

Tutorial What’s the difference between differential and incremental backups and why should I care? Both differential and incremental backups are “smart” backups that save time and disk space by only backing up changed files. But they differ significantly in how they do it, and how useful the result is. AcronisTrue Image Learn more Try now A full backup created from within Windows , of course, backs up all the files in a partition or on a disk by copying all disk sectors with data to the backup image file. This is the simplest form of backup, but it is also the most time-consuming, space-intensive and the least flexible.

AOMEI Backupper Vs Other Backup Software

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In the question“What are the best backup programs for Windows?”. AOMEI Backupper is ranked 3rd while Acronis True Image is ranked 5th. And merging of incremental backups can be done via the command line. See our comprehensive list of AOMEI Backupper alternatives. VSA · AOMEI Backupper vs Acronis Backup · AOMEI Backupper vs Microsoft R Server · AOMEI . Not sure if Acronis Backup or AOMEI Backupper is best for your business? Read our product descriptions to find pricing and features info.

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