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Max number of tracks: Everything is automatable with everything. Want to map your master tempo clock to the peak of a snare?
ableton live fl studio

Ableton vs FL Studio: The Definitive Guide

Max number of tracks: Everything is automatable with everything. Want to map your master tempo clock to the peak of a snare?

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You’re one right-click away. When you realize the scope of this, it becomes a bit of an experimental playground. But more than anything, that kind of unique freedom makes working easier. Amazing MIDI controller integration. I’ve plugged stuff in mid-session and it just started working. Deeply featured piano roll, there’s nothing else like it. The strum, arpeggios, custom quantization really makes sequences in plugins nearly useless features, since you can edit and humanize the input data to your liking.

Surprisingly lightweight, stable software for the amount of power it has. Highly customizable and almost entirely vectoral. You can resize anything and keep it wherever you like on your screen, and it uses far less resources than most other DAWs, which still use bitmaps. A “Performance Mode”. This is the side of FL that I have the least experience with, but it actually seems like a more functional and powerful of a performance tool than Ableton to me when using it with a Launchpad.

This is probably because of the automation freedom noted above. It’s priced for musicians, not recording studios. In addition, Imageline deserves a lot of credit for being the first DAW creator that listened to what musicians asked for rather than deciding what people will become comfortable with. The sidebar is amazing for speeding up work. You can drag and drop anything from a plugin that isn’t in your database to a drum sample to a preset to a folder full of stems into your session.

When working in other DAWs, I quickly realize how much time and labor this saves me. Workflow is very different than traditional DAWs. Someone coming from the world of Pro Tools is going to have a rough transition. Poor console integration. FL and my automated board work together with a lot of tinkering, but it still doesn’t feel like they’re meant to. Plugin management is confusing. I do believe that in future updates the chaotic niggles will be swept up into a plugin management system that makes every other DAW look bad.

It’s hard to call this a “con” since there really isn’t a good plugin management interface in any software to my knowledge.

Odd ASIO performance. A lot of times it’s trial and error. In any other software, the RME gets x better performance than the Focusrite. In FL, for some reason, it buffers out under 10ms. No audio quantization. Newtone is a step in the right direction, but it’s certainly not usable for time correction on a quality level. Nuendo integrates with Wwise, and 2 other DAWs will be incorporating this feature soon.

This is huge for people working with game audio, and is enough of a perk to have me switching over to Nuendo when doing gigs using Wwise. Video integration, while improved, leaves a bit to be desired.

I still use it when scoring to picture though. Used By:

Ableton vs FL Studio: Features

When comparing Ableton Live vs FL Studio, the Slant community recommends FL Studio for most people. In the question “What are the best DAWs for beginners . Keep hearing Ableton come up in comparison to FL studio, just looking for some Ableton is far superior for live recording, as well as audio manipulation, since. Finding the best music production software can be overwhelming. Can’t decide between Ableton vs FL Studio? We compare features, design.

Ableton vs FL Studio? How to Pick the Right DAW for You

We tested both software, and we can give you the answer to Ableton vs FL Studio! Sound good? To help you in this choice you need to know the differences between Ableton vs FL Studio.

Ableton vs FL Studio: Compatibility

To be able to use this project file you will require either: Due to the nature of digital downloads we offer refunds on a case-by-case basis.

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Discover, download and remix Trending Ableton, Logic Pro, FL Studio & Garageband projects from Progressive House (Ableton Live Premium Project) K. Ableton Live and FL Studio Battle of the DAW prorgams, Live and FL Studio side by side / Picture by author. On the Internet there are hundreds. I’ve owned Ableton Live over ten years now, and Fruity Loops only during brief periods, and again recently since they’ve released another mac.

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